best swimbait heads

My Account; My Cart; Log In It has excellent swimming action and is a great imitation of fleeing shad. background-color: #000000; There are non-jointed versions but not many. All of these baits perform the same in the water, it’s the style of hook you choose that affects how the lure will perform. Overall they are typically made of wood, hard plastic, or soft plastic. Some anglers use braid for the extra strength, but the transparentness of monofilament or fluorocarbon is much better since appearing natural is so important. The jig heads listed here are ideal for single swimbait presentations for use with the Alabama Rig. Swimbait heads are jig heads used for attaching swimbaits. This is an easy meal that is hard to resist for a hungry bass. They have a wide gap to accommodate bulky baits and are designed with either a screw lock to attach the head, or an offset shank. A good reel spooled with adequate line is important, but not at crucial as the rod. They do not come with hooks so you need to get them separately and rig them yourself. When you’re swimbait fishing for bass you need to stay committed to it all day, so you don’t miss those big bites. I may take a lot of heat for putting this one up there - but if you … -->,

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